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Our story

At HelloPatients, we look at healthcare differently.  We believe buying healthcare services and products should be as simple as possible. We believe that patients should be empowered to engage with their healthcare providers. We believe that managing your practice shouldn’t take as much of your mental energy as managing your patients. HelloPatients bucks the traditional in favor of the ideal. Aesthetic medicine is a category leader and change catalyst for all of healthcare. We want to be the leading force.

The Aesthetic Medicine Experience

As a patient, buying aesthetic medicine is different.  Aesthetic patients are not trapped by insurance directives or traditional conventions. Instead, aesthetic patients are consumers making decisions based on perceived value, simplicity, and digital engagement.  Patients for Botox, chemical peels, hair transplants, and other aesthetic services choose products, providers, and practices based on outcomes and ease of doing business. Their focus isn’t on payment or networks; it’s on their personal benefit and their digital consumer experience.


Maintaining a practice and creating a digital engagement strategy for your patients at the same time can be daunting and overwhelming. That’s where HelloPatients comes in. At HelloPatients, we understand the digital experience that patients are looking for. We’ve created a host of features to support your practice and empower your patients to stay connected to you before, during, and after their appointments. 

Keeping Patients Connected

It’s a fact: Nothing impacts your patients more than technology. Why not take advantage of it? At HelloPatients, we believe that every opportunity to impact a patient is an opportunity to elevate their experience.


HelloPatients integrates two way texting, loyalty programs, and self scheduling into our platform to empower patients and elevate their digital consumer experience. Mobile-friendly, self-initiated customer engagements are central to the patient experience in aesthetic practices - they are fluid, customized ways for your patients to feel personally connected to you. By empowering your patients to take the initiative to engage with you, you are giving them the reins to their consumer experience, letting them connect with you as much as they want to, and creating happy patients. Happy patients are repeat patients.

Beyond the Patient Experience

At HelloPatients, we believe the patient experience should be front and center. That’s why we have worked so diligently to create all the tools your practice needs to keep your patients happy and engaged. All of the patient engagement tools from HelloPatients are enough to put your practice a step ahead, but that’s not all we have to offer. HelloPatients also has a suite of tools designed to make practice management a breeze.


Aesthetic medicine practices often have complicated, interlocking needs for space, equipment, and personnel. Our office management features will help you keep all of your assets organized and efficiently utilized. On top of that, HelloPatients has detailed financial reporting, automated claims management, patient databasing, and more. HelloPatients practice management features are designed to minimize the time you spend keeping the wheels turning, so you have more time to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Our Team

If you want to push the envelope and prove that patient relations and practice management could be done better, then you're going to need an impressive team to prove it. HelloPatients has that and more. Our leadership team brings years of experience from a variety of industries. Together, they are working to change the way people think about client relationships and administrative management in the aesthetic medicine industry.

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